Saturday, January 13, 2007

What do you do when your Radiator Overheats?

Do you just keep driving,
and pretend there is no problem?

On the Road Again ...
that course of action could end your "road trip"
rather abruptly, and leave you stranded far from home.

OR should you pull over and pop the Radiator Cap,
and just wait for the all that "reserve heat build up" to escape?
Overheating Causes and Cures
that choice, though the more annoying one,
is also the most rational one.
(how long you have to wait,
depends on the state of your coolant, is it new or worn out?
and just how Overheated your Radiator really is.
How long have you been driving anyways,
without any stops to let the engine cool off?)

Well now, What do you do when your Planet's Radiator Overheats?

Do you just keep driving forward, turning up the Radio
and cranking the AC, casually pretending there really is No Problem?

Speeding towards the 'Point of No Return'
If you do that is a recipe for "massive system failure"!
The ultimate result for that decision is a "mechanical breakout",
which will abruptly change your plans, and could ruin your whole day.

The only problem is, whereas you can always
call a tow truck or mechanic to fix your car's Radiator system,
there's NO ONE to call, who can fix your planet's system.

The Planet's Raditor is Heating up:'Yellow' means Caution, things are heating up
Latest Sea Surface Temperature (SST) monthly anomaly.

The Engine's Temperature Guage is approaching Red-line:'Red' means Slow Down, or even Stop
ENSO the most important coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon to cause global climate variability...

The Heat Build Up runs Deep:Add ImageAdd ImageAdd Image
in some places the waters can peak at more than 10°F higher than normal (up from the low 70s Fahrenheit, to the high 80s...

The planetary Ecological, Oceanographic, and Climate Systems
have taken EONS to reach a stable balance.
They interact with a finely-tuned equilibrium, each
keeps the other in check.
These systems keep the Planet running and habitable,
and even comfortable most of the time.

Yet over the course of a few centuries,
the activities of human progress, combined with
the reckless disregard for these Planetary Systems,
which make life possible, has led modern society
to the very verge of a catastrophic Radiator break down.

That progress may grind to an abrupt halt,
in the event these interwoven Systems start falling,
like dominoes.

Planet Earth is afterall, one complex 'Vehicle' ...
And our response?
just turn up the Radio and crank up the AC
and just keep trucking...
Oh that dashboard warning light? it doesn’t mean anything.
(It always does that, I just ignore it,
and it usually goes away by itself.)

Afterall, it's not MY problem is it,
if the Planet's Cooling System breaks down?
Someone else will call a mechanic and try to fix it, won’t they?
And WHAT IF it's NOT fixable, afterall is said and done???
Well, when all else fails, we can always run down to the showroom
and just buy a new Vehicle, can't we? ... (What, a new planet?)

I hear Mars will be ready soon, in about a century or two!

We may be running out of Coolant:
going ...
going ...
GONE !!!
There goes Manhatten. More than 20 sq. miles, bye bye.

the largest break-up of an ice shelf in the Canadian Arctic in 30 years
... the sea ice that normally presses along the north coast of Ellesmere Island, even in summer, was replaced by an open water ...

As far as future stability of our global cooling system
is concerned, when the gauges are "starting to redline"
the rational course action is to PULL OVER!
take a time out … stop for lunch and conversation …
and STOP over-taxing that cooling system.

Otherwise the ultimate result is,
it WILL reach its "boiling point".
(It’s only Physics afterall--which always demands
“an equal reaction for every action”)

ignoring the warning singals is kind of wreckless ...
Most mechanical systems require "routine maintenance" of some sort, on a regular basis in order to keep running smoothly
(maintenance like "tune ups" and "oil changes").

Isn’t is about time this "Vehicle" called Planet Earth
finally gets scheduled for its "Tune up"?

Seems like that "10-Point Inspect" IS long overdue !

============= some Links on El Nino =============

    (Stronger El Nino's, may end up being the Symptom, NOT the cause of Global Warming ... so the latest studies seem to be saying ... can we afford to wait for the ultimate outcome here? )

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oil is only one Natural Resource

Add Image

CNN money discusses "Peak Oil"


Sooner or later the "Age of Oil" will come to its final chapter.
What Energy Source will rise up to take its place?

Here are a few others that might be worth tapping, perhaps even now.

These Other "Natural Energy Resources" are limited by only our ingenuity.

None of them contribute to Global Warming
(nor to Global Instability, nor the funding of radical foreign governments.)

Could it be the "Age of Renewable Energy" has finally arrived?

Given the ever-increasing price of a Gallon of Gas,
such "alternative sources" are suddenly becoming very cost competitive, on a per kilowatt-hour basis.

Recently, a concentrator solar cell produced by Boeing-Spectrolab has achieved a world-record conversion efficiency of 40.7%, establishing a new milestone in sunlight-to-electricity performance. This breakthrough may lead to systems with an installation cost of only $3 per watt, producing electricity at a cost of 8-10 cents per kilowatt/hour, making solar electricity a more cost-competitive and integral part of the US energy mix.

Silicon Valley startup Nanosolar Inc. is on the cutting edge of a clean-tech boom. "We can achieve a cost reduction that will ultimately enable us to deliver grid-parity solar power so that
solar electricity does not cost more than power from the electricity grid."

According to,
the End of the Oil Age is near

It's 2007 and it may be about time to think about
what kind of future world we want to leave behind ...
will it be marked by chaos, or creativity?

we all must decide.

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  • for the planet's sake, maybe the Oil-Carbon Era can't end soon enough?

  • Add Image

    (geologically speaking, we are treading out onto thin ice ...)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Global Warming Matters .......... ( Duhh! )

Yosemite Valley, California: National Parks from Coral Reefs to Wetlands to Glaciers May Be Vulnerable to Climate Change

Greetings fellow world inhabitants:

Here's what I've been pondering.

Global Warming is a serious issue,
and deserves serious attention and action.

90 F. Temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico is NOT normal.

Climate effects most other systems: ecological, agricultural, and economics, among others.

Scientists are not mis-informed or stupid.
And they have said Global Warming is real,
and is occurring NOW.

During the last hundred plus years of progress
we have improved "standards of living" for many,
while building up CO2 in the atmosphere to a point
where TOO much heat from the Sun gets trapped
and cannot be reflected back into space.

The world is now a Greenhouse.
The Oceans are warming too.

This change took time,
any corrective solution will take time.
We just can't change weather systems,
by "initiating more studies".

Ignoring the problem will not help.
Discounting the science will not help.
Leaving it to others to solve will not help.

Individuals and Businesses need to take action
to forestall this pending Global Crisis.

If you think Katrina and Rita are tragedies,
you haven't seen nothing yet.

If you think El Nino's are disruptive,
you haven't seen nothing yet.

Ice Caps are melting.
Glaciers are receding.
Deserts are growing.
Droughts are destroying crops.
Corral reefs are being cooked.
Hurricanes are intensifying
Floods are more damaging.
Heat waves are longer.
Records keep getting broken.

And this is just the beginning...

What can you do that will make a difference?

1) get educated
2) buy "green" products
3) minimize driving
4) invest in hybrid cars
5) use public transportation
6) wear more sweaters in winter
7) support alternate energy research
8) demand solutions from representatives
9) plant more trees
10) insulate your home
11) ride a bike
12) car pool
13) turn down hot water thermostat
14) turn down refrigerator thermostat
15) keep your vehicle tuned-up
16) let businesses know you will pay more for clean technologies
17) join environmental organizations
18) speak up when others dismiss the threat
19) read the latest conclusions by scientists
20) err on the side of caution

and the Union of Concerned Scientists recommends:
Ten Steps to Reduce Your Global Warming Impact

individually, we can each make a difference.

other are speaking out ...
you can too

check out:

Mt Rainier, Washington: Glacier Research on Mount Rainier

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